15 Travel Websites That Can Save You Money

Finding the most affordable travel deals requires constant research.

I am always looking out for deals, even when I’m just sitting at home on my phone.

Most people believe that travelling is expensive, but the truth of the matter is that there are deals and sales going on nearly everyday. I have found that most of the best deals and sales are often under a time constraint; so you need to jump on it quick before the deal expires!

To find these deals, you have to do the research.

With that said, I will be sharing the top websites that I personally use to find and book the best travel deals. I often use these websites to compare and cross reference the price deals.

The key to finding the best deal is to be flexible with the dates and destinations.

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Where to Find the Best Flight Deals

I typically begin my travel deal research with Google Flights. With the popular search engine, I play around with the destinations and dates to find when is the cheapest, and where is the cheapest.

**Tip: In some cases, it might be useful to consider researching any departure airport that is close to home. For example, I live in Vancouver B.C. My go-to home airport would be YVR in Richmond. But I could also research deals from Abbotsford Airport or Seattle!

I love using Momondo because you can first hand see the comparison prices from day to day. Momondo finds and compares fares from over 1000 airlines and websites for you.

Skyscanner works similarly to Momondo. **Tip: sign up for the price alerts feature. They will send you emails when your desired destination/dates are on sale! Sometimes the email spam can get annoying (believe me, I know), but you would be surprised to find some of the best deals from those emails!

Where to Find the Best Hotel Deals


I begin my research for hotels with Booking.com. Where ever you are in the world, Booking.com can find a good deal for you!

Some of my best hotel experiences were booked through Hotwire!

This website requires taking a chance, because they do not reveal the name of the hotel until after you book it!

The way Hotwire works: the website finds the most unbeatable hotel room prices I have seen. Because the deals are so cheap, they cannot show you photos or tell you the name of the hotel until you have paid for it.

Don’t be alarmed though, they give you information about the general vicinity it is located, stars it is rated, and the amenities. This should be enough to decide whether or not you want to book.

I have booked with Hotwire 3 times, and have never been disappointed with the hotel outcome. And to be honest, it’s actually quite fun to find out which hotel you got once everything is booked! (I have gotten The Westin Resorts twice, and The Sutton Place for more than half the price. Not too shabby, eh?)

This website has become a travel website sensation for travellers to find the best accommodation deals. I like to check this website for fun, and I’ve seen some of the most luxurious places for rent!

Where to Find the Best Cruise Deals

There are two websites I generally stick with when searching for a cruise deal:

Where to Find the Best Package Vacation Deals

When it comes to finding the best combined flight + hotel deals, Expedia is my number one choice. They offer some of the top deals I have booked in the past.

With Groupon, you need to be flexible with the dates and destination, but you’d be surprised to what you can discover!

In addition to these websites I also research airline vacation packages

An option often overlooked

If you have a Costco membership, consider looking into the travel and vacation deals they offer!

Where to Find the Best Tour Deals

When it comes to tours I usually research and compare between Tour Radar and Viator.

I hope these websites will help you, just like they have helped me, to save hundreds and even thousands on travel experiences! If you use different websites to book your travels, please comment them below. I’de love to hear them!

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