How To Drink Clean Water While Travelling: Without Disposable Plastic Bottles

In an Instagram post published recently, I stated the horrible practices of using plastic. I also stated that I too am guilty of contributing to the practice. Every time I travel, I purchase packs of bottled water, because drinking from the tap is not always safe for tourists.

So how can we drink CLEAN water without purchasing those pesky plastic bottles?

I asked for suggestions about this matter, and found that very few had a solution and were also seeking answers!

After seeing countless photos and videos of places filled with plastic and rubbish, I’ve decided to take some action.

So, I did my research. After hours of investigating…

I finally found a water bottle for travel that can filter out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, sediment, and improves taste!!

The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier bottle is different because unlike other filtered bottles, the Grayl does not require any sucking or squeezing. The water is filtered BEFORE consumption.

It takes only 15 seconds to filter, and can purify 40 gallons of water before needing a filter replacement.

What I love about this bottle, is that you can easily filter water and pour it into a bigger bottle. This cannot be done with other filtered bottles. This bottle has been used in the jungle and parts of India, without a problem.

To see how this water bottle works, see this video. This post is not a sponsored post!

The Grayl vs Other Brands

When I compared this water bottle to other brands such as LifeStraw and Brita, I noticed a significant difference in the customer reviews. 7% of the Lifestraw bottle reviews were 1 star ratings, while the Grayl had zero 1 star ratings!

If you do your research, you will find that brands such as Lifestraw, Brita, Kor, Sawyer, and Bobble do not filter out any viruses or heavy metals. The Grayl does! These bottles also require you to suck (with much force) through a filtering straw, where as the Grayl does not require any suction.


Lifestraw is more affordable, around $50.

The Grayl is priced at $79 (Canadian). A little steep price, but I think for clean drinking water; it’s worth it. Remember, when it comes to drinking water, you must always go for quality!

I would rather pay that price than buy countless plastic water bottles!

If you still feel uneasy about the water from the Grayl, I suggest testing it prior to consumption with a water tester.


Access to clean water is a luxury that we often take for granted. 

But if we continue purchasing plastic water bottles, the beautiful world we love to travel in, won’t be beautiful anymore!

I hope this post has helped those who were also seeking answers. Let’s change our ways and help with the environment. We never know who we might be saving.



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