Jasmine’s Bucketlist

Bucket list: noun INFORMAL // a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime

I’ve never really thought of a real bucket list until now. I’ve always had a simple “I want to see the world,” but not an actual list. So let’s get started, shall we?

  • Go to all the Disney Resorts. This is most surely on many people’s bucket list. I’ve been to two (California and Orlando) Japan and Paris are next on my list!
  • Move to a foreign country for a few monthsThis one requires more courage. I always wanted to live in California, Miami, or perhaps Philippines!
  • “Float” in the Dead SeaI say “Float,” because the Dead sea (or the Red Sea) is incredibly salty, which makes the water denser than of the human body, thus causing you to naturally float!
  • See the Great Wall of ChinaI wonder how long it would take to walk all 21, 196 kilometres!
  • Create a health and fitness program to help keep my family healthy and in shape. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The only problem is; getting my family on board with me. I’ve had too many friends and family who have passed due to poor health, but what I truly want is for my family and I to be healthy and in good shape. I want to positively influence them into changing their lifestyle so that we are around each other for longer.
  • Try Authentic Italian food in ItalyBecause I heard the pasta and pizza in Italy is way better!!


  • Learn JiuJitsu If it ever comes down to it, I’de like to learn how to defend myself IF I EVER need to. But also, I want to learn for the fun of it! Who wouldn’t want to learn how to kick someone’s ass? hahah
  • Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s too cliche, I know. But want to do it anyway heehee.
  • Become a well accomplished remote worker, so that my husband can finally quit his job. My husband works, and he works hard. He diligent and selfless, but he is always attached to a certain schedule around work. This is something I want to change. If I can make enough money doing what I do, then he can finally quit his job just like I did.
  • Run a marathon, dedicated to those we have lost to cancer. I’ve mentioned earlier that I’ve lose family members due to poor health. Well, cancer was one of them! If I were to run a marathon and donate the proceeds to any fundraiser, it would go towards Cancer research foundations.
  • Try vegetarian life. When I tried living vegan for about one month, I realized it just was not for me. So perhaps going vegetarian would be easier.
  • Visit all of Europe. Because why not?
  • Go to the Philippines. This is where my family is from. I have family members there who I have never even met yet. I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I can’t wait to.
  • Visit all of Asia. Again…because why not?
  • Fly in a hot air balloon. In Turkey specifically!
  • Renew wedding vows inside my church. My husband and I fulfilled our dream of getting married outside our church, but wouldn’t it be nice to get married AGAIN? hahaha
  • Help those in need. No, I don’t mean sparing my nickels and dimes to the homeless man sitting on the side walk. By helping those in need, I mean setting up a food and clothing station, and setting up job hunting stations, to help them get back on their feet!
  • Teach a fitness class. I’ve always wanted to do this! Travelling isn’t my only passion.
  • Hike in HawaiiI love hiking, and I’ve seen many pictures of those who hike in Hawaii and hear that it is quite challenging. I like a challenge, so I wouldn’t mind hiking in Hawaii.
  • Hike in an Ice GlacierThe pictures I’ve seen of those who have hiked inside an Ice Glacier are absolutely breath taking. I want to have my own pictures of my self in one too!
These are just what I could think of, off the top of my head. I’ll be sure to add to it if I ever think of something new! They are also not in any sort of order, either! I hope this will inspire you to also create your own bucket list, and chase after it like I am. You can even take some of my ideas, if you like!


Let’s chase our bucket list together!

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