Las Vegas for Cheap: 20 Budget Friendly Things To Do

Las Vegas; the city that never sleeps; a popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Ringing in an average of 39 million tourists per year, many are there to either party or gamble; both require to whip out your wallet. But what if you’re not there to party or gamble? What else is there to do in Las Vegas on a budget?! Walking up and down the strip, you will be able to find entertainment without spending a dime.

My husband and I chose this destination for our one year anniversary get-away, and many asked, “Why Vegas?!” and even made comments like, “You guys don’t even drink or gamble!” and “You can see that place on google maps.” In a sense, they were right; we don’t drink, party, or gamble but on the contrary, we still had so much fun doing things that were pretty much free!
During our trip, I was able to find a few things to do in Las Vegas that were completely free, and I have also added extra tips to help you save money!


If you are walking down the strip, there are magicians, musicians, and even dancers that are there to serve as free entertainment (although donations are always appreciated). Here are a few major attractions that I found to be amusing.
1. The Fountains of Bellagio
This iconic “water dancing” display has been a favourite attraction among many on the Las Vegas Strip. With over 1000 fountains, some spraying higher than 400 ft, it’s no wonder you can hear the oo’s and aahh’s from down the strip.
The water show is partnered with choreographed lights (better at night) and specially chosen music ranging from classical to pop. The ultimate outcome is the most entertaining show from just looking at water! Who knew water sprays could look so cool?!
The Fountain show Schedule:
Monday-Friday: Every 30 minutes starting at 3pm-8pm
Every 15 minutes starting at 8pm-midnight
Saturday: Every 30 minutes starting at 12pm-8pm
Every 15 minutes starting at 8pm-midnight
Sunday: Every 30 minutes from 11am-7pm
Every 15 minutes from 7pm-midnight
2. M&M’s World
A chocolate lover’s dream! M&M’s World is located on the central part of the strip. If you plan on walking the strip, you won’t miss it. The entrance display itself lures you into the chocolate heaven. Once you enter, the bright colours and lively staff will make you want to stay forever. The store itself consists of 4 floors– FOUR FLOORS OF CHOCOLATE.
Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad; they offer more than just chocolate. You have a wide selection of souvenirs: robes, t-shirts, pens, backpacks, blankets, mugs, magnets, and even personalized m&m’s. Now, if you don’t plan on spending any money here, don’t worry; they also give free samples of different flavours of m&m’s! (I believe that is where I scored; free chocolate!)
Hours: Daily from 9AM-Midnight
3. The Grand Canal Shoppes
Ah, Venice–or what looks like Venice. A region of enchantment and love. The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian and Palazzo features an upscale selection of stores. The luxurious designs from floor to ceiling will have you mesmerized and feeling oh-so romantic. Walking through the Canal is so fascinating on it’s own that you don’t even need to enter the shops to spend money. It’s a picture perfect set up, perhaps even better than the real Venice itself? Kidding.
4. The Wildlife Habitat
Where else could you see flamingos in Vegas than at The Flamingo itself! There are however, more animals than just flamingos. There are koi fish, turtles, swans, ducks, and exotic birds all open for the public to see. It is a distinguished attraction compared to the other free shows seen on the strip. The habitat is a calm and composed part of the strip that makes you forget the lively environment that surrounds it.

5. The Atlantis Show
This show located at Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops, runs every hour and lasts about 8-11 minutes. The show is about Atlantis and how King Atlas is distraught with the decision of choosing one of his children to succeed after him. It displays animated water, fire, and moving statues! If you plan on watching, get there early as it can get really crowded.
6. The Fremont Street Experience
This is an option if you care to venture outside of the main strip. Fremont street is what locals like to call “The Old Vegas;” the original Las Vegas strip. I recommend visiting at night, as that is when it becomes more active. Although they call it “The Old Vegas,” the entertainment is just as good. The street itself features an LED marquee that they turn on at night, displaying a hypnotizing light show. They also have restaurants, casinos, free entertainment and hotels that have been there from the beginning!
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can ride the SlotZilla Zipline, which soars 400 ft high, above all the tourist traffic happening down below. The Zipline does however cost between $20-$40, depending on which day you go and which line you choose.


7. MyVegas App
If you haven’t already downloaded the MyVegas app on your phone, do it now. The MyVegas application is free to download and free to play. Basically, it’s a game of slots where you can earn chips. Once you have earned enough chips, you can redeem them for real rewards! It’s that easy. Rewards range from a free voucher for New York New York’s rollercoaster ride to even a free stay at a hotel on the strip! That’s right- FREE! If you are a cruiser, they also have rewards for Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruise lines.
I began playing MyVegas a month before our initial trip, and I was able to redeem 1 voucher for a free dinner at Luxor’s Buffet, and 1 voucher for free lunch at Excalibur’s Buffet. It was the best thing I invested my time into prior to the trip.
8. Time Share Presentation
If you have extra time, attend a time share presentation. While walking along the strip, my husband and I were approached numerous times, inviting us to attend a time share presentation. We often shrugged them off and continued walking. But when we were approached in the Grand Canal shops at the Venetian, we decided to join.
They offered us Cirque Du Soleil tickets, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum tickets, and Venetian’s Gondola ride tickets ALL FOR FREE. All we had to do was sit through a two hour presentation for a time share. You don’t have to purchase the timeshare if you prefer not to (although they can be quite persuasive). My husband and I were simply there for the free gifts, and at the end, that’s exactly what we got.


 9. Visit mid-week or Saturday-Monday
I get it, it’s just not as fun when the streets aren’t as bumpin’ on the weekends. But if saving money is a priority, it’s a sacrifice that can be easily made to find lower hotel rates.
10. Check Groupon Deals
I think this is pretty self explanatory. I once saw hotel rates for Hooters at $17US/night on Groupon, but if you’re looking for a more upscale place; I have seen Groupons for Planet Hollywood and The Linq as well.
11. Purchase Show Tickets Online
 Aside from parties and gambling, Las Vegas is known for it’s renowned shows! is recognized as the top site for affordable show tickets; from comedians, magicians, and of course, Cirque Du Soleil.
12. Join a Loyalty Rewards Club
If you expect to be visiting often, perhaps joining a loyalty program will aid in saving money in the long run. A few clubs you can join are:

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 13. Skip The Cab
Nowadays, it’s actually ok to get into a strangers car. Uber and Lyft are popular means of transportation to get around the strip.
14. Free Shuttle
If your hotel offers free shuttle, take advantage of it. Although, it may take a little longer to get around.
15. Take The Bus
Sure, it may be crammed and the lines may take long but a day-pass is only $8
16. Walk
Now if you don’t want to spend money at all; do what my husband and I did, and just walk!!


Dining out shouldn’t have to be expensive. If you don’t care too much for those fancy restaurants, there are a few In’N’Out joints, along with the hundreds of other places to dine at on the strip.
17. The Food Court at The Venetian
Our favourite was the Panda Express. 2 items with rice or noodles for under $10!
18. Buffet on a Budget
If you eat enough, this may be the only meal required to get you through the day. Now obviously, Breakfast and Lunch buffets will be cheaper than dinner buffets. Here are a few of my favourite yet affordable ones:
Excalibur- loved them for their crepe stations.
M Resort- name any dish, and they will have it in giant portions.
Bellagio- The best quality food for decent prices.
19. Pin-up Pizza
The Biggest Pizza in Las Vegas that you ever did see– and eat! Located at Planet Hollywood, you decide between a slice or a whole 30-inch box of deliciousness. I saw this video on youtube about it, and I just had to try it. Just typing about it makes my mouth water.
20. Freedom Beat
Now if you really did care to venture outside the main strip, the Freedom Beat on Fremont Street is a must-go-to-eat. They offer great food, great service, and more importantly; great prices!


I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any tips that are not listed, please comment them down below. I’de love to hear them for my future visits to Viva Las Vegas!
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