The Ultimate Guide to Living Plastic Free

Have you ever seen that video of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck up its nose? 🙁 It broke my heart too.

When I published a post on Instagram asking my followers for tips on how to travel plastic free, I was surprised to find that many of them had few input, but were also seeking answers. On top of that, I always hear complaints of how it costs more *rolls eyes* (But does it really?)

In sight of this, I did some research, and found tips, ideas, and affordable product alternatives on how to travel or simply live plastic free.

I believe that even if we all make one small change, it would make a huge difference. 

  • Reusable razor

Going from plastic razors to a reusable one requires much practice. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll get a way smoother shave and will never go back to using plastic ones again.

  • Stop Shopping

Or at least shop for planet friendly clothing! Clothing made with polyester takes over 200 years to degrade. So please, read the labels!

Did you know that Fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world?!

If you’re like me and your closet is jam packed with clothing, then it’s a clear sign that you don’t need more clothes. If you really need to shop, purchase well-made, high quality clothing that will last longer. Clothing can also be repaired. Please think about it before throwing out any clothing.

  • Bring Water Bottles and Cups

If you’ve seen my post about how to purify water while travelling, you’ll find that the Grayl portable bottle purifier is perfect for vacations. No more plastic bottles!

Also, when you go out for a Starbucks run, what’s the harm in bringing your own cup? No harm, that’s what! Especially using a cup that is collapsible, it won’t take up much space anyway. Plus, most take away cups are lined with plastic and can’t be recycled.

  • Drink Loose-Leaf Tea

Most tea bags contain plastic. Let’s choose loose-leaf tea instead!

  • Recycle Your Tin Foil

Did you know tin foil could be washed and reused?

Of course, try your best to not use it. But if you really need to, wash it and use it again! Once it starts to wear down, it can be bundled up into a ball, the size of your fist (anything smaller than your fist will be rejected for recycling).

  • Shampoo Bars

Shampoo and conditioners are commonly found in plastic bottles, but they don’t need to be. A simple online order is all it takes, or you could even make it yourself!

  • Bamboo Toothbrushes

Imagine if we all stopped using plastic toothbrushes. What a difference that would make. I found this 12 pack for cheap!

  • Stop Using Saran/Cling Wrap!

Do you really need to use it? If something needs to be covered, you could always use a plate. If something really needs to be wrapped perhaps look into wax wraps, they are completely reusable and work the exact same way as cling wrap. You’ll save money in the long run!


  • Planet Friendly Cleaning

Instead of purchasing packaged chemical cleaning products, use vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar and lemon has shown to work well as a disinfectant.

Cleaning Product Alternatives

  1. Use a biodegradable dish scrubber or cloths instead of sponges
  2. Use clove oil to remove mould
  • Reusable Straws

Again with the straws! Let’s save the turtles 🙁 These straws I found comes with the straw cleaner and is less than $5!

  • Fruits and Vegetable Bags

Sometimes you need bags for your fruits and veggies, I’ve been there, I get it. Let’s use eco friendly bags instead.

  • Eat Natural Foods

In other words, say no to chips and anything that comes packaged. Opt for fruits and veggies. Not only is it package free, it’s healthier!

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  • Shop in the Bulk Section

This sort of falls within the lines of the previous tip to eat natural foods. So please, shop in the bulk section. You can even use your reusable vegetable bags 😉

  • Road Trip Gear

Road trips are super fun, and I love them. If you’re ever going on a road trip, please don’t forget to bring reusable utensils, plates and cups!

  • Avasol Sunscreen

This Avasol sunscreen is wonderfully cardboard packaged sunscreen and it’s perfect for travelling or just going to the beach. It’s compact, protects your skin, and best of all, it’s plastic free!

  • Garbage Bin Liners

It can be difficult to line our garbage bins without plastic. It can get wet, drip, and all that. But our garbage only gets wet when we dispose food into the garbage. If you properly disposed of and separated your garbage from your compost, then your garbage would be completely dry!

For tips on how to line your rubbish bin without plastic, read Lindsay Miles’ blog. She has tons of other tips on how to live plastic free as well!

I hope this article is enough to convince you to make some changes in your lifestyle. You don’t even have to do them all yet. I suggest making changes one at a time. A little bit goes a long way. Slowly but surely these changes will become habit, and will result in a cleaner world for all of us <3

I am always on the hunt for tips and product swaps. This article will be updated as I discover new tips, so please check back! With that said, if you think I have missed anything, please comment them down below! 



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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Living Plastic Free

  1. Loved this post about reducing plastic waste! If everyone picked just two things off this list, the world would be a much better place. It’s the little changes that really add up!

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